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Ensure Finished
Floor Level Consistency

A finished floor level (FFL) set-out measures and marks the required height of a building’s permanent, stable floor surface for the builders. Establishing the finished floor level is essential to ensure all the walking surfaces accurately align throughout the overall layout.

Consistency helps meet accessibility obligations, facilitates proper water flow and drainage, and ensures that doors and windows fit correctly. The finished floor level also helps make floors visually appealing, comfortable, and safe.

What Is a Finished Floor Level?

The finished floor level refers to the top floor surface after construction but before adding any finishes such as carpets, laminates, chipboard, or decking. Builders usually express this concrete or timber level in metres to three decimal places above or below a defined datum level.

Finished Floor Level Set Out
Medium Density Unit Set Out Surveying Service

What Is an FFL Set-Out?

A finished floor level set-out involves understanding design intent and functionality. It requires surveying, marking the layout on walls or other structures with pegs or chalk, and constructing the floors to the indicated elevation. Quality control procedures ensure proper adjustments. Finally, we document the measurements, reference points, process and modifications for future reference, maintenance, and as-built plans.

Selecting a reliable and reputable surveyor to conduct and indicate your finished floor level height is vital for accuracy and alignment. Landset has designed a finished floor-level set-out service to ensure precise positioning for your construction project.

What Sets Landset Apart?

Our experienced land surveying team understands the crucial role floor level plays in your build’s aesthetics and functionality. We use innovative finished floor-level set-out equipment and techniques to ensure precision measurements and offer reliable service excellence.

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