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High Accuracy Site Surveying

House Set Out in Victoria

Land or site surveying is the science of taking and recording extensive measurements as an essential construction engineer companion. That’s why you often see a construction surveyor peering into complex equipment on a tripod at the side of the road.

Our Landset surveyors provide measurements to support construction workers in accurately doing their job. Construction can bring the design process to life once we’ve done the site set-out.

When Do I Need a Land Surveyor?

You need a land surveyor when you want to:

You can trust our experienced staff to conduct thorough and accurate research if your project requires a construction surveyor. We employ meticulous, state-of-the-art equipment and modern methods to measure boundary lines, and our professional building site surveyors guarantee a clear and decisive approach to boundary-related concerns or queries.

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State-of-the-Art Surveying Equipment

Our team uses modern electronic equipment alongside more basic, traditional tools to complete the work. Some of the most common tools our building site surveyors use are:

Ensure an Accurate Survey Today

A building site surveyor’s role is critical to ensure a new construction project’s legality, efficiency, and safety. Land surveyors are a crucial link in the construction chain. Builders would be unsure where to begin without accurate measurements and an efficient set-out survey indicating where to build.

A site surveyor works closely with other industry professionals – such as engineers, architects, builders, and the local council – to determine a building’s exact location. Please get in touch or browse the rest of our site to understand what we can do for you.

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