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Unit Set-Out Service for Residential Developments

Medium Density Unit Set Out in VIC

A set-out service involves physically laying a proposed architectural design onto the land using pegs and other markers before building the structure. Doing so helps builders and tradespeople follow the plans accurately and remain within the property boundaries. Our unit set-out service is best suited to multi-unit and medium-density residential developments.

Our licensed land surveying team can help you accurately position units, townhouses, and other structures within a construction project.

How Our Unit Set-Out Service Works

Our experienced surveying team utilises advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment to deliver precise and reliable results. We meticulously mark the locations of walls, floors, parking spaces, landscaping features, and common areas according to the architectural plans and specifications.

Your construction team can start building once the set-out survey is complete. We focus on detail and precision to mark your development out accurately and facilitate a seamless construction process.

Medium Density Unit Set Out Surveying Service
Unit Set Out Project Grid

Let Us Oversee the Site Set-Out for Your Project

Landset is committed to delivering exceptional results that meet industry standards, whether laying out the parameters for a multi-unit apartment complex or a medium-density housing estate. Choose our residential unit set-out service to ensure the finished structure aligns with your project vision.