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Registered and Qualified Boundary Surveyors

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Landset makes a team of professional boundary surveyors available to serve the Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Ballarat, and Bendigo regions. We do border surveys for sundry properties, from commercial estates to multi-unit developments. Our qualified team will help you determine your land limits quickly and accurately as we use the latest surveying technology.

What Do Boundary Surveyors Do?

Boundary surveyors measure and define the legal limits of a property. They determine property lines via a boundary survey, research and fieldwork. First, our surveyors ask the local council for your property’s title certificate and site plans. Then we conduct a physical investigation of the site and compare our findings to the records.

Our licensed boundary surveyors use tools such as theodolites, levelling rods, and digital tape measures to measure your property lines accurately. We will provide you with the following documents upon completion of your survey:

Boundary Surveyors

The Importance of an Accurate Boundary Survey

You may need a boundary survey to extend your house or add onto the buildings near the edges of your land. You usually require one for subdivisions and development projects or to erect fencing between two properties.

A title re-establishment survey is a boundary survey that can help you redefine your property lines with updated technology. You can use it to prove where your plot starts and ends to help you avoid arguments with your neighbours over land rights and maintenance responsibilities.

Accurate boundary surveys are important because they help you comply with land use regulations when developing your lot. The local council could delay or deny your construction project if you don’t submit a proper survey.

Book a Boundary Survey For Your Melbourne Property

Our superior land surveying services help property owners, developers, architects, and designers set solid foundations for their projects. Our Landset boundary surveyors in Melbourne and surrounding regions offer prompt, professional services plus exceptional accuracy.

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